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10/02/2021 Posted in ceramic bearings, Industry

The secrets of Zirconia ceramic bearings, toughness

In this article we will talk about zirconia ceramic bearings, especially toughening.

21/01/2021 Posted in Industry

Industrial automation systems: innovation moves away from bearings

In this article we will talk about how, in industrial automation systems, innovation passes from bearings (ceramic bearings, super-concrete bearings...).

07/01/2021 Posted in Bearing, Industry

Bearing and lubrication

The selection of the type of rolling bearing to be used in a machine or plant requires a careful analysis of parameters, such as static and dynamic load capacities of the bearing. Hover, too often a fundamental aspect for the correct functioning of...

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29/12/2020 Posted in ceramic bearings, Industry

Ceramic bearings for chemically aggressive environments

An important aspect to be carefully considered when machines or systems operate in chemically aggressive environments is the corrosion that occurs in mechanical components. In these environments, bearings can be in direct contact with highly...

22/12/2020 Posted in Industry

Ceramic bearings to reduce friction: 6 facts to know

In some applications it is important to try to maximize the performance of mechanical transmissions. An important source of energy dispersion is represented by the bearings due to the friction inside them. Trying, therefore, to reduce friction to...

17/12/2020 Posted in ceramic bearings, Industry

Ceramic bearings: electrically insulated and non-magnetic

 In this article we will talk about ceramic bearings: electrically insulated and non-magnetic, in more detail we will discover how a ceramic bearing, once again, can prove to be an effective solution. Fully ceramic bearings can be an extremely...

10/12/2020 Posted in Bearing, Industry

Ceramic bearings for high and very high temperatures

In machinery that must operate in high or very high temperature environments, such as, for example, furnaces for iron and steel industries, furnaces for heat treatments or food furnaces, the choice of the type of bearing and the appropriate...