Timing Chain Kit

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have been equipping their cars with timing chain systems. It is estimated that approximately 20% of all motor vehicles in use in Europe are equipped with this type of timing system.

The operating dynamics of a timing chain are as follows: movement is generated by the driveshaft. This synchronises valve opening and closing movements by means of the gear to which the chain is connected to create a perfect movement. In this way, separate, independent elements are converted to a single element: the engine.

A timing chain kit can be made up of several elements, listed below:
    This connecting element is a fundamental part of the timing system. It can come in different shapes and lengths. The main types used in modern timing systems are: SIMPLEX CHAIN also known as ROLLER CHAIN, MORSE CHAIN also known as SILENT CHAIN and lastly the DOUBLE CHAIN.
    Another important part of the timing system, positioned at the end of the camshaft. It is very important to replace these parts because they are in constant contact with the chain and wear out over time. All the teeth on Lyra Bearing gears are hardened to ensure that the gears last longer.
    Gear positioned at the end of the camshaft. Not all cars are equipped with this type of gear.
    This part is essential for synchronising movement. The driveshaft gear, positioned at the end of the driveshaft, undergoes various heat treatments in order to ensure reliability and greater durability.
    Where required, Lyra Bearing kits contain all the seals and gaskets necessary for fast and effective maintenance.
    During maintenance, it is vital to replace all the screws/bolts connecting the main parts. If even one of these is damaged, it could cause serious damage to the engine.
    This component acts as a sliding track for the chain, maintaining it under constant tension.
    This ultra high-tech component pushes the sliding block with the aim of maintaining the chain under constant tension.
    All the oil seals must always be replaced because the timing chain system is oil-lubricated. The timing chain kit can include all the necessary oil seals (driveshaft oil seal and any other oil seals present in the timing circuit).
    This component is not always present in the most common types of engine, but when present it is vital to replace it. Its role is to direct lubricating oil into the chain to allow better fluidity and relative cooling. If the pipe is not replaced, impurities may build up inside that can affect its operation.

The timing system is one of the most delicate parts of the engine and premature failure due to poor quality components can cause considerable damage. This is why quality components mean better performance and longer service lifetime.
Choosing state-of-the-art, top-quality components is fundamental to our work.