The bearing is one of the most widely used mechanical components. This indispensable component plays an important role in every moving part, whether rotary or linear.

Bearings are divided into two main categories:

Roller bearings

Sliding bearings

Roller bearings


Rolling bearings are made up of two rings, inner and outer, with raceways for the rolling elements, balls or rollers, a cage to separate the rolling elements and watertight or metal shields according to the requirements of each application.

The most commonly used components in bearing production are:

  • Inner and outer rings,through-hardened 100Cr6 rolling elements. This confers a hardness of 62 +/- 3 HRC.
  • Cages can be made of pressed sheet metal, glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6.6, solid brass, bakelite cloth and other more specific materials for each application.
  • Watertight shields widely used in NBR. Viton shields are used for temperatures over 90/100 °C in continuous operation.
  • Metal shields: metal strips fastened to the outer ring that do not slide.
  • Rolling elements can come in different shapes.
    • Balls can be made of different materials, 100Cr6 steel balls, ceramic balls and many other special materials. They are selected according to their rated diameter and allow different precision categories.
    • Rollers can come in different types, cylindrical rollers, tapered rollers, barrel rollers and needle rollers. Typically, these parts are made of 100Cr6 special steels too, but can also be made of other special materials such as ceramic. All rolling elements are selected and graded into precision classes.
  • The lubricant plays an essential role in determining bearing lifetime. Its function is to create a film between the raceways and the rolling elements, improving the bearing’s friction coefficient and thus avoiding overheating and possible stripping of the raceways, which would have an irreversible effect on the bearing.
    Lubricants, oils and greases are chosen according to specific application requirements.

sliding bearings


Slide bearings, bushings, bronze washers and pads are made out of antifriction materials.
Bearings come in so many shapes, designers can choose the optimal one for their project.


Despite this wide choice, the products listed in the catalogue are unsuited for certain applications due to dimensions, speed, high or very high temperatures and other assembly difficulties.

Lyra Bearing can design and manufacture bearings tailored to any type of application whenever customisation is required.

Bearings can be produced in very small sizes. These microbearings are widely used in precision micromechanical sectors, such as watchmaking and electrical medical instruments. They can also be very big, sometimes more than 3 metres in diameter. These bearings are used in steel plants, drilling machines and plants, paper mills, offshore plants, wind turbines and many other applications.

Lyra Bearing will design and construct the best performing bearing for you, offering optimum benefits in terms of value for money and quality of work.

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Wind turbines
Water treatment
Oil / Gas
Earth-moving machinery
Crane trucks
Lifting systems
Marble working
Industrial automation

and many other applications, to be engineered and developed in partnership with you