Ceramic Bearing For High-Performance Bicycles

15/09/2021 Posted in ceramic bearings, Industry from Francesco Madaro: R&D Manager, Ingegneria dei Materiali

In this article we will talk about ceramic bearing applications for high-performance bicycles

The bicycle of the records by Policument.

Nothing can possibly surpass the smooth ride that you experience through that humble ball bearing in your bicycles. Incessant deliberations have already been done around this issue to prove the relevance of ceramic bearings. However, recent years have brought up the imperative role that these bearings play to bolster the performance of bicycles.

From wheel hubs to jockey wheels, these ceramic ball bearings are indispensable components for any bicycle. If you’re looking forward to an effortless ride with the utmost gratification, then you have something captivating in store for yourself. Bottom brackets, as well as pedals, also assimilate the ball bearings, which are usually steel-made.

However, an essential facet associated with ceramic bearings is that they are made from ceramic silicon nitride. It is nowhere equivalent to the usual bearings since ceramic bearings qualify as the much-coveted ones. When it comes to rolling resistance, there is nothing like ceramic bearings. It propels the performance to a top-notch exquisite ride that you as a rider usually have a penchant for.

Bicicletta PolicumentThe bicycle of the records by Policument.

Some Additional Features:

These bearings are conveniently rounder that delivers a significantly smoother surface along with an additional uniform size. On account of this fascinating property, the usual friction is minimized, and now, less energy will be warranted to spin the wheels. The longevity factor can also be attributed to most customers switching to ceramic bearings in just the last two years.

As far as the potency is concerned, ceramic bearings excel by at least 30% than the usual steel bearings. They are amply compatible with augmented durability. In addition to this, the chances of corrosion or rust are substantially lesser in ceramic bearings. Hence, the maintenance cost is efficiently minimized.

Ceramic bearings emerge as the trailblazer in an environment that doesn’t warrant grease lubrication. High-performance bicycles are undoubtedly expected to grapple with adverse terrains, rain, or dirt. Therefore, the benefits that are assimilated with the ceramic bearings are nearly twice that of the regular bearings. Longevity is a crucial part of ceramic bearings that can last for at least ten times longer as compared to the usual stock bearings.

ingeEngineers at work on the Policumbent bicycle.

Policumbent has emerged as a prevalent preference for the riders who long for a captivating and thrilling ride. They have been in the business since 2009 and have delivered elite-level bikes. Aside from being the fastest and most efficient bikes, Policumbent has stayed proactive in promoting the umpteen benefits of cycling. In a bid to cater to riders from diverse backgrounds, the company has significantly contributed to the research part. It has developed exotic designs of bicycles and other vehicles in the likes of Taurus X, PulsaR, S-Trike, COR-AL13 FWD, Cora, etc.

Ceramic bearings qualify as the imperative necessity for the kind of vehicles that companies like Policumbent manufacture. Innovations play a pivotal role in upgrading the technology and ceramic bearings into the bicycles fulfill this requirement holistically.

A pivotal observation that is quite apparent in ceramic bearings is their effectiveness in reducing drag when it is under load. Therefore, the most suitable bearings for the performance cyclists for reducing drags must be made of ceramic bearings. When built with high-quality material, these bearings can deliver unprecedented results with maximum efficacy.

Lyra Bearing is honored to be technical partner of Policumbent, by designing and providing the ceramic bearings design for meeting the challenging needs of top notch bicycles by Policumbent.

The choice of the best components passes through in-depth knowledge of the materials! Put yourself in the hands of our bearing experts to make the best choice for your application.

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Francesco Madaro: R&D Manager, Ingegneria dei Materiali

“The study and development of materials for structural, electronic, energy and biomedical applications offer me every day the privilege of discovering little secrets of their behavior and adapting them to the applications in which they perform best. Ceramic materials are certainly my specialty, and ceramic bearings promise the most interesting performances in many applications ".

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Ceramic Bearing For High-Performance Bicycles

In this article we will talk about ceramic bearing applications for high-performance bicycles

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