Ceramic bearings used in Industrial Ovens: the Tabo case

17/09/2021 Posted in ceramic bearings, Industry from Francesco Madaro: R&D Manager, Ingegneria dei Materiali

In this article we will talk about the use of ceramic bearings in industrial furnaces, the Tabo case.

Ceramic bearings used in Industrial ovens the Tabo case

A ceramic bearing is particularly suitable for resistance to high temperatures; ideal in the field of industrial furnaces.
'' Finding Lyra Bearing as a supplier of ceramic bearings has allowed us to expand the range of accessories that we can provide to customers who need to work at high temperatures. It is a pleasure for us to be able to satisfy our customers and Lyra Bearing has helped us in this mission. ''
Tabo Industrial Ovens.

One of the benefits of using ceramic materials for bearings is their resistance to high temperatures; the sector in which this property finds its greatest advantage is certainly the field of industrial ovens. There are several sectors in which industrial furnaces are used:
- Aeronautical
- Automotive
- Railway
- Medical
- Aeolic
- Energy
- Food
- Plastics
- Ceramic

There are several types of industrial furnaces generally classified according to the type of thermal treatment for which they are used:
  • Chamber furnaces: used for carburizing of the steel and nitro-carburizing processes, hardening, normalization, recovery, i.e. all heat treatments on steels.
  • Continuous belt ovens: used for a large quantities of minute objects, where there is a need for a large flow of quickly treated material.
  • Continuous roller furnaces: in this case the movement takes place on rollers instead of belts
  • Autoclaves: plants in which the material is treated with heat and pressure simultaneously.
  • Well and bell furnaces in which the loading and unloading operation is facilitated by a mechanized system.
  • Wagon ovens: they consist of a fixed and heated structure and a mobile base that supports the weight of the material to be treated.
  • Washing machine: they are machines for the heated washing of semi-finished products.

All types of ovens listed above have the characteristic of having mobile components equipped with bearings, subjected to high temperatures. The use of steel bearings lubricated in the traditional way becomes difficult or even prohibitive both for the limited resistance of the lubricant or gaskets and for the steel itself. The ceramic bearing, especially when used without lubricant, can be used at several hundred degrees centigrade without problems.
An example of excellence in the application of Lyra Bearing ceramic bearings on industrial furnaces can be found at Tabo by Tabacchi Onesto (www.taboeuropa.it), a company that has been designing and building furnaces for different materials since 1962. The designers of Tabo-Forni Industriali have been able to see the advantages of using Lyra Bearing ceramic bearings both in terms of durability and efficiency.
Tabo designs target solutions for customer needs, both standard and special; Lyra Bearing aligns with Tabo's needs to provide excellence in the production of ceramic bearings of the highest quality, able to meet the demands required by increasingly advanced applications.

The collaboration between Tabo and Lyra Bearing is a virtuous example of a synergy in which the skills on the design and construction of the furnaces and bearings of two leading companies in their respective sectors, bring results of absolute quality.
In the photos below, special Tabo ovens equipped with ceramic bearings in Zirconia by Lyra Bearing.

The choice of the best components passes through in-depth knowledge of the materials! Put yourself in the hands of our bearing experts to make the best choice for your application.

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Francesco Madaro: R&D Manager, Ingegneria dei Materiali

“The study and development of materials for structural, electronic, energy and biomedical applications offer me every day the privilege of discovering little secrets of their behavior and adapting them to the applications in which they perform best. Ceramic materials are certainly my specialty, and ceramic bearings promise the most interesting performances in many applications ".

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17/09/2021 Posted in ceramic bearings, Industry

Ceramic bearings used in Industrial Ovens: the Tabo case

In this article we will talk about the use of ceramic bearings in industrial furnaces, the Tabo case.

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